A Complete Guide To Decluttering Your Home

10 Apr , 2018  

  • Be ready and willing to take the first step on decluttering your home.
  • Have empty boxes, post it notes and marker pens ready.

Do you find your home getting increasingly untidy to the point where you can’t function properly?  Is this mess spiralling into other parts of your life, causing you to be late, demotivated and generally unorganised? Do you find yourself not having the energy to clear the clutter?  Are you finding it difficult to decide what items you need to throw out?

If any of these questions sound like something you would ask yourself then you’ve come to the right place.


In this course I go through a complete step by step guide to decluttering. The course includes identifying if you have a clutter issue right through to decluttering in a proven systematic way.  I don’t just stop there but help you to ensure the clutter doesn’t return through specific methods and techniques to help you keep on top of things so your decluttering doesn’t become a one off activity. All of this is conveyed through my own experiences with tried and tested methods to give you every chance to maximise your efforts.

Through this course I will give you an insight on expert techniques you might not have come across as well as a room by room guide on the most effective ways to declutter. The course is packed with useful tips and methods giving you multiple ways on going about your task, catering for all no matter your background on decluttering.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who have only done spot cleaning before but never a full scale clean up job.
  • Organisers on an intermediate level who need some alternative ideas on how to declutter.
  • Expert organisers looking for different methods to teach their own students.



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