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Affiliate Marketing with Google Editor

18 Jun , 2018  

  • Need to Download Free software: Google Editor (I will show you how to do this)
  • Need to register Google adwords account (will show step by step)
  • You should top up your Google adwords account at least $10

If you are starting in Digital Marketing and want to promote your affiliate links or own eCommerce services / products then this course is for you!

We all want to get targeted traffic what will not cost you anything or not cost so much. In this course I will share my strategy what will gives you an idea:

  • How to get targeted traffic what will cost you 0.01 USD per click.
  • Setup your first ad campaign in Google adWords.
  • Learn how to upload your campaigns in bulk by using Google Editor.
  • Get idea how to promote affiliate links massively.
  • Understand how to make mass modifications to your Google AdWords Campaigns.

As you can see from my courses it’s not hard to rank your website in Google Search. It takes only time to get good position in Goolgle search. All we know time is money and what if I say: “there is one way how you can still be on a first page of Google Search Results without waiting to much time“? There is still one way how we can do this: Google AdWords and their tool: Google Editor.

This Course is my personal strategy what I want to share with community. I’m sure by doing this I can help to grow community of students who are interested in affiliate marketing / digital marketing. After completing this course – this marketing strategy can be used right away!  What you need is small balance for AdWords: I recommend to start from $10-$20 and price per click not more then $0.05 after generating your first sale you can start playing with this numbers and see what works best for your product.

Take a note: You should select different affiliate programs or services because if all people will start promoting same services… In results competition will grows dramatically and price per click for your offer will be much more then 0.01-0.05 USD. So my recommendation is to get started with many affiliate programs. Select 5-10 programs and follow my Marketing Strategy.

Ask questions in course and new video series of updates will be published!

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are not sure how to get targeted traffic this course is for you!
  • People who are interested getting sales in affiliate marketing
  • Students who want to learn how to promote affiliate links
  • People who want to improve their life with affiliate earnings
  • People who are interested how to put your marketing efforts to next level
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