Affinity Designer : Vector Graphic for Absolute Beginners

28 Feb , 2018  

  • Affinity Designer for Mac or PC

This course is designed keeping absolute beginners in mind. If you have no previous knowledge in drawing / vector graphic drawing, then fear not. We will learn everything about vector graphic drawing and Affinity Designer in this course with hands on training. 

As part of this course we will first learn some basic tools of Affinity Designer. Later we will move into drawing professional vector arts. I’m a fan of learn as you go approach. So, we will learn about new techniques, workflow as we do our artwork throughout this course. 

Affinity Designer is a vector drawing program that is catching loads of attention lately. Many people are now moving away from Creative Suit and using Affinity Designer because it is more cost effective and very powerful. 

By end of this course, you will have sound knowledge on Affinity Designer’s core tools and how to use them in your creative work. 

We also have dedicated facebook group for collaborating with other students (You will need a facebook account to join this group and creating facebook account is absolutely free).

Good luck and looking forward to meet you in the lessons. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn Affinity Designer
  • Anyone who wants to learn Vector Art or Vector Graphic
  • Those who are looking for an alternative to expensive creative cloud subscription (Adobe Illustrator)

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