After Effects CC: How to Make The Elegant Logo Animation

11 Apr , 2018  

  • PC or Mac
  • Free Trial of After Effects CC or CS
  • You can understand this course even you will be using After Effects first time

Kindly read the text below.

First of all, No matter which version you use, After Effects CS or CC.  

I am teaching logo reveal animation with  a lot of logo samples, as well as, drawing their shapes  If you ask me what the greatest  advantage of this course ‘s , i would tell you that you will be able to complete your own logo designs without needing anyone any book any tutorial.   But,  i have one condition : You must be able to hold just a mouse .  I always put 100%  into my courses and i hope my students will benefit  from my knowledge and achieve the best results from this course.The strategy i have used’s to explain in simple language  the fundamental  subjects  within the second  section. So you will find  the subjects easy  to understand as it expands into more detail.  Furthermore you will get all the project files of the sample logos. So,  as well as, you can use them as a template.

Biggest Benefits This Course

The reason that i have chosen especially these logos because they are quite favorite  in the recently years. You can make your commercial project without needing anyone.or any tutorial. Your skills will improve to the end of this course. So, you can make your own logo designs. Through the lessons at the second section you will get all the fundamentals techniques related this course . So, Even if you don’t know anything  about After Effects, you must get this course  . All project files are included in the resources. In this course has been handled, the drawing logo techniques  and  the animation techniques in many ways on modern logo designs.  My education strategy has got a principle that is known as holistic education. According to this principle, it is necessary to give to students all the subjects related to processed techniques in the course.

Section 2:

You will learn fundemantals of AE In section two. such as How to draw your custom shapes, Keyframing techniques, How to use the tools and the workspace   Also, i will teach you the handwritten Text Effect.  In this way  you will get ready very well to the next sections . So you will never be lost among the subjects.

Section 3:
I will teach you how to type and animate along a path.  You will learn text animations with different techniques, in particular by using keyframe animation  and the animators  which is quite important  tool. After that  you will see how to  add a sound into your projects  

Section 4:
We will draw  and animate the logo shape  and the text items. You will learn how the create a custom background in adittional i will show you how to render your project as image sequences with tranparancy background.

Section 5:
You will learn how to prepare and edit your logo shapes  on adobe illustrater  for AE. I will teach you how to make handwriting effect animation . After that, We will explore the effect preset browser which is pretty important on AE.  
Section 6:
you will learn shape animation  by using secondary technique. We will draw and animate  all the element  of the logo on AE. So, You will learn how to overcome  a complicated scene .  in addition i will teach you both the masking and matte techniques

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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to make logo animations
  • Videographers
  • Filmmakers
  • After Effects Students
  • Anyone who wants to get started Motion Graphics Job
  • Anyone who become a freelancer designer

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