Agreements for day to day use – Make your Own Agreements

4 Jul , 2018  

  • Ability to understand simple English language.
  • Desire to Learn about Basics of Legally Binding Agreements
  • Interest of making your own Day to Day Legally Binding Agreements

This course is designed to provide knowledge about making legally binding agreements for day to day use. So, Course will identify issues involved in making legally binding agreements  and try to solve them by explaining the basic concepts which govern the making of legally binding agreements.

Objective : Discuss the basic concepts involve in making legally binding agreements by use of simple examples and explain how to make your own legally binding agreements in day to day life.

We will Start the discussion by understanding the purpose behind making agreements and then We will discuss the issues involved in making legally binding agreements Namely ;

1) Whether we Should go for a Contract or Agreement?? What is the difference between them?

2) Is it a must to go for a Written agreement ?? Cant we bind by oral agreements ??What should be the most suitable way to create legally binding agreements

3) What we should Include In Agreements??

4) Is it a must to go to a lawyer ??

5) What are the formalities involved in making legally binding agreements 

During this process we will try to understand all important Elements of a Legally binding agreements namely ;

1) Agreement

2) Consideration 

3) Intention to Create Legal Relationships

4 ) Lawful Purpose 

5 ) Capacity to Consent

6 ) Voluntary Consent

7  ) Possibility to Perform 

Then we will focus on drafting agreements on our own by discussing the things to note in making Legally binding agreements and Things to include in agreements. Then we will draft four agreements on our own namely :

·         Rent a Car Agreement 

·         Loan Agreement 

·         Agreement to Sell 

·         Rent a House Agreement 

NOTE : Drafts and Samples will be attached for your easy reference in making your own agreements .

So Enroll and Learn basics involved in making legally binding agreements and Start drafting your own agreements 

Thank you ….

Who is the target audience?
  • No specific target student anyone who is interested in Learning basics of requirements of Legally binding Agreements and having the desire to Make his or her day to day legally binding Agreements


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