Airbnb Clone with Angular


Airbnb Clone with Angular

3 May , 2019  

In this course you will learn how to use Angular and UIkit to build a beautiful, clean application that works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

You will learn how to build the following features:

  • responsive, sticky header that automatically adapts to all screen sizes and shows a special mobile menu on small screens
  • responsive home listing area that shows four, two or one column of content depending on the screen size
  • filtering the home list based on home type: “Entire apartment”, “Tree house”, etc
  • persisting selected filters in the URL so that you can share the link with a friend, and when they open it, they will see the exactly same filters applied to the list and reflected in the UI
  • highlighting the active filter using a simple state management technique with observables (without NGRX)
  • reflecting the loading state in the UI when the user applies filters and the data is being loaded from a simulated API

You will learn the following skills:

  • how to use a modern CSS framework to achieve a beautiful clean look practically without custom styling (UIkit)
  • container vs presentational component pattern
  • data state management (without NGRX)
  • ng cli commands for generating components and services
  • Typescript interfaces and types
  • organizing your code into modules
  • routing with lazy loading

Benefits of taking this course:

  • you’ll learn how to quickly spin up and build modern, good-looking, responsive applications using best practices in Angular

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