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Algebra 2 & Trigonometry: A Complete High School Curriculum

2 Jun , 2018  

  • Students will need access to the internet
  • Students will need headphones or speakers to hear the audio
  • Students will need a PDF viewer and/or a printer to view and/or print out the supporting materials

This course is an intricately-designed, complete Algebra 2 curriculum.  It incorporates all aspects of a traditional Algebra 2 course and also includes two units on basic trigonometry.  

The units, in order, are:

  1. Introduction to Matrices
  2. Transformations of Matrices
  3. Determinants and Inverse Matrices 
  4. Absolute Value and Inequalities
  5. Introduction to Functions
  6. Linear Functions
  7. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  8. Polynomials
  9. Dividing and Factoring Polynomials
  10. Radical Expressions
  11. Quadratic Functions
  12. Special Functions
  13. Logarithms
  14. Polynomial Functions
  15. Trigonometric Functions
  16. The Unit Circle and Angle Measures
  17. Combinatorics

These 17 units incorporate all the topics of Algebra 2.

While this course was designed to cater to high school Algebra 2 students, adult education learners who are studying for High School Equivalency exams can also benefit from the information provided in this course.

Similarly, teachers who would like supplemental material for their Algebra 2 classroom should take this course.  If you are a teacher, feel free to download and use these PDFs in your own classrooms.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students should take this course if they have already taken Algebra 1 and/or Geometry
  • Algebra 2 teachers who would like supplemental material should take this course
  • Adult Education students who are studying for the HSE/GED/HiSET/TASC should take this course

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