Beginners: Speak German in unusual everyday life situations


Beginners: Speak German in unusual everyday life situations

30 Jan , 2019  


This course is for fun-loving beginners of the German language. (Please only take this course, if this suits you.)

The course will take you about 4 hours to complete if you do all the extra exercises.

The “unusual every day life situations” use cartoon figures, as it can be seen in the introduction video. 

During this course you will come across the following unusual everyday life situations, like commenting a football game, surviving an emergency at the hospital, staying in a spooky hotel and much more!

The course offers a mix of speaking, Grammar and vocabulary, such as:

special letters / pronunciation,  Introduce yourself, to have & to be, numbers 1 – 12, colors, phrase types, question words, modal verbs and how to use them, past tense, possessive pronouns

After each grammar part, there are exercises for practice, such as “fill the gap” or “put the words in the right order” tasks. 

All explanations are in English language.

To make the course fun and varied, it alternates between speaking and grammar.

Even though, the everyday life situations in this course are kind of “unusual” to make it fun, the vocabulary and words are the same as you would have to use in a “usual” everyday life situation.

Take this course to be able to talk in German in everyday life situations and get started in the German language.

The materials I use in the course, are the ones that I have developed and still use for my real one to one online lessons. They have been tested with more than 100 students and I have constantly improved them, so that they have now reached outstanding quality and brilliance.

During the course you will feel like we’re having a live one to one lesson.

I’m looking forward to lead you through the course.

Who this course is for:
  • FOR: fun-loving beginners
  • FOR: people between the age of 12 and 49