Big Data for Managers

19 Jun , 2018  

  • Should have software project experience as a team lead or manager

This course covers the required fundamentals about big data technology that will help you confidently lead a big data project in your organization. It covers the big data terminology like 3 Vs of big data and key characteristics of big data technology that will help you answer the question ‘How is big data technology different from traditional technology’. You will be able to identify various big data solution stages from big data ingestion to big data visualization and security. You will be able to choose the right tool for each stage of the big data solution. You will see the examples use of popular big data tools like HDFS, Map reduce, Spark, Zeppelin etc and also a demo of setting up EMR cluster on Amazon web services. You will practice how to use the 5 P’s methodology of data science projects to manage a big data project. You will see theory as well as practice by applying it to many case studies. You will practice how to size your cluster with a template. You will explore more than 20 big data tools in the course  and you will be able to choose the tool based on the big data problem.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any team lead or manager who wants to learn about what Big Data is all about and start or lead some big data projects in their organization

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