Break The Mould - Break The Mould

  • An open mindset ready to take on change
  • Ideal student is someone technical or who works in UX
  • No previous knowledge required – I will take you step by step through the different concepts in this course
  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended

Not hearing back from that dream job you applied for?

Wondering how others get ahead in life, when you are seemingly doing the same thing?

Did you know that soft skills can increase your earning potential?

Hi, welcome to Break The Mould, I am Andrew and your instructor. 7 Years ago I was of the mindset that all I needed to get by in life was technical skills. That was until the fateful day that I joined toastmasters and learned all how wrong I was from experience.

In this course you will learn why soft skills are king by crafting your personal brand, and how you can build yourself as a valuable asset to anyone. This is achieved by covering 4 Key Pillars:

  1. Social Media Transformation
  2. Networking Key Factors
  3. Crack That Job
  4. After You Have The Job

This will cover a wide range of areas, you will also gain access to the following exclusive content

  • The perfect LinkedIn profile template, with different templates for different goals
  • Well designed resume template that I use
  • Targeted cover letter template with instructions and an example on how to use
  • Design Thinking Toolkit

All my courses include:

  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course
  • Future bonus lecture’s and materials to this course are always free
  • Unconditional, no questions asked full 30 day money back guarantee
  • My help is always available – my support is legendary on UDemy and my Youtube channel

Are you ready to star the journey boost your earning potential?

Do you want that dream job?

Enrol today so you do not miss out on lifetime potential opportunities and unearnt potential

Who is the target audience?
  • Someone who is technical looking to gain soft skills
  • People who are new to industry
  • Those looking to gain a competitive edge inside and outside the workplace

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