Build a plain Javascript localStorage collections library

11 Jan , 2018  

  • You should have basic knowledge of Javascript objects and object oriented programming
  • Chrome browser and a simple code editor

Too many times we hear about using third party libraries and frameworks for building our apps. It is true, we should not reinvent the wheel. However, if we don’t dive deep into the core of the language that is under all of those libraries and frameworks, we won’t be improving our skills and will most likely get stuck when it comes to resolving issues that are under the hoods of those libraries and frameworks. 
Therefore, I thought, creating this course, which walks you through building a library using just plain Javascript without any third party dependency would be a great way for you to take your understanding of Javascript to the next level.
In this course you will build a library that will enhance the browser’s localStorage into a collections based database that will be capable of storing collections of multiple items. 
The library you will build will also allow you to find collection items by their ids, update individual collections items, and remove items by ids.  You will also learn about different Javascript data types and be able to do type checking throughout your application using helper function you will create. 
You will build a class and its methods and create an instance from the class and apply the methods that your just created.
You will see debugging techniques as we will make an extensive use of the Chrome browser’s inspector to walk through our code line by line and examine values and states of different variables.

Javascript localStorage collections library

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