Complete guide to English (Reading and Writing)

19 Nov , 2018  

  • Be able to read
  • Basic knowledge of Grammar
  • Knowledge of Tenses

Do you want to succeed in reading and writing. Look no further as all the skills, knowledge and tips are all present here. Furthermore, this course can be taken by anyone to improve their Language skills.     

The trouble is private tuition is expensive! It’s not meant for everyone either. It can save both time and money and flexibly accessible at your convenience. Please leave a review for the course, I will really appreciate it.    

Whatever the reasons, if you’re looking for an alternative route to support English skills with your child or yourself, this course can accommodate it.     

This course is designed to support self-study for the English and Verbal reasoning element of the 11+ exam. It is suitable for use by parents who wish to support their child in their studies, or for children themselves to follow. The course is broken down into each necessary and advance language skills.  

11+ English for parents and children can be studied at any time in any location although for those looking to gain success in the 11+ should start in year 5 of Primary education (or year 4 for confident students).   

Why you need to take this course;  

  1. You      will have access to multiple worksheets to practise out skills shown in      the video.  
  2. You      will have lifetime access to lectures which clearly explain each topic in      a way accessible to children as well as adults. These lectures be adapted      to your child’s .  
  3. You      can pick and choose areas to study. Unlike in a tuition centre where the      curriculum is fixed, you can select what units to study, allowing your      child to maximise the productivity of their study time.

What do past students say about the content of this course?  

I as a parent learnt so much and I found out that Edulead 11+ goes in great length and detail to break down the fundamental and advance language skills that is necessary for success at 11+  entrance schools. I would highly recommend it.  

Don’t wait to enrol. Start studying now and give your child the first step towards 11+ English and Verbal Reasoning success!  

Who is the target audience?  

  • Parents and children who intend to take 11+ examination.  
  • Children who seek a greater challenge in English.  
  • Suitable for GCSE Comprehension and Creative Writing  
  • Suitable for Adults advancing in the language  
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone can take this course.
  • This course can help anyone who would like to improve their knowledge and techniques in English.
  • Students who will be sitting 11+ English and Verbal Reasoning exams (CEM style and private entrance examinations)