Complete Multi Org Structure in Oracle Apps R12

26 Mar , 2018  

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MOAC feature ensures a role based access to the organizations defined in the Multi-Org structure.This essentially means that individuals can access/view/edit forms across organizations without switching responsibility. (The level of access and flexibility in terms of actions on the forms will depend on the setups,which will be discussed going forward.)

The steps involved in created a MOAC are:
a. Create Primary ledger’s
b. Create Legal Entities and associate these with Primary Ledgers
c. Create Operating Units and associate these with Primary Ledgers
d. Create responsibilities
e.  Attach these responsibilities to users
f.  Create a Security profile
g. Attach  the security profile to the responsibilities
h. Setup OU preference


  • MOAC (Multi Org Access Control)
  • The Set of Books evolved into Ledgers and Ledger Sets
  • Any number of Business Units in an Enterprise can be supported within a single installation of Oracle Applicationeven if they have different Ledger, Legal Entity, HR data
  • User can access the data corresponding to and limited to the operating unit of the user.->Transactions like Procurement, Receiving, Selling, Shipping Etc. with the same Party Can be Performed through different Organization and can be managed internally through intercompany postings.
  • Reporting can be managed at different organization levels like, Business Group, Ledger, Operating unit etc.
Who is the target audience?
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  • Any one who want become a Technical Consultant in Oracle Apps ERP
  • Any one who want become a Techno Functional Consultant in Oracle Apps ERP

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