Complete Shopify For Beginners 2018 – Create Shopify Store


Complete Shopify For Beginners 2018 – Create Shopify Store

2 Jan , 2019  


Shopify is an eCommerce webstore that allows you to sell your own products or products from Aliexpress.

It is everything you need to sell online.

Start today to build your Shopify Dropshipping Store with a 14 day free trial including hosting.

The course will take you step by step guide to enable you create your 1st Shopify eCommerce dropshipping website ,choose a profitable niche from Aliexpress and guide you through on how to make your 1st sale.

Who are this course for

  • For those that want to be making re-occuring perceive income from profit making
  • Those that want bright future themselves and members of his family
  • Those want to benefit from dropshipping business

Can I do dropshipping in my country

  • Yes , you can do dropshipping in your country and any other part of the country
  • What you need is good internet connection

Course Highlights

We will start by general overview of Shopify ecommerce – signing up a Shopify14 day trial store and go straight to discuss dropshipping model and its beneficial.Other main curriculum activities that will follow inorder to create a shopify ecommerce webstore are:

  • Theme Installations and Theme customisation
  • Creating a logo for our Shopify store
  • Adding images for our landing page and settings
  • Adding pages and other settings
  • Apps Installations – Installing Oberlo Apps
  • Import Products from Aliexpress
  • Accept payments and general settings
  • Shipping Class zones and settings
  • Setting up you Shopify SEO
  • Email Marketing with Mailchimp and many more to run a successful Shopify dropshipping ecommerce website

Please take action by enrolling and I will be seeing you inside.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for anyone that wants to have an ecommerce webstore
  • Anyone that wants a reoccuring perceive income