Confidence Builder: Learn to Build Confidence In 30 Minutes

27 Feb , 2018  

  • High speed internet to view on demand videos
  • Time and Commitment
  • Interest to Learn and Take Action
  • No need of prior knowledge

In the first class you will learn The art of Developing a Good Attitude

Here you will learn :

How to Identify your negative thoughts.

How to turn your negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

How to Refuse to allow negative thoughts

How to maintain a positive support network.

Identify your talents . 

How to take pride in yourself.  etc…

In the next class we will learn the art  of Transactioning with Emotions

Here you will learn  :

How to Be comfortable with fear.

How to Be patient with yourself.

How to Strive for balance.

How to Stop comparing yourself to others.

How to Recognize your insecurities.

How to Bounce back from your mistakes.

How to Avoid perfectionism and  

How to Practice gratitude…

You will also learn The Art of Working With Realistic Self-Care .

You will also learn The Art of Placing Goals and Picking Dangers or Risks.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who want to boost confidence in 30 minutes
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs


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