Create your website with WordPress

10 Sep , 2018  

  • You need to have a connection to work on WordPress

You want to create your blog or your website but you do not know how to do it? You do not know how to code and you do not want to spend a fortune to hire someone?

So check out the WordPress CMS and find out how to do it through this course. WordPress will allow you to create your site without having to code, by proposing already created elements of creation. So you will only learn to master the dashboard, insert content, edit and insert themes, boost its site with plugins. Thanks to the WordPress interface, site creation is easy. You’ll get a fluid design, and by searching more you can even create unique styles.

In this course, I will introduce WordPress and explain the difference between the two WordPress before embarking on the creation of the site. Then I will explain what is a web host. 

Then once you start the site you will learn how to insert the content. To know insert its theme, install and modify. You will see how to go to create articles, pages, insert your menu, insert widgets, classify your articles in category etc …

On the program of this course:

Difference between the two WordPress

Understand what a web host

Choose your domain name

Start with worpress

Presentation of the dashboard

Installing the theme

Upload images

Create an article

Storing his articles

Create a page

Insert a menu

Insert widgets

Install extensions

Who is the target audience?
  • You can follow the course if you plan to create your website or your blog

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