Creating a Scene with Blender

11 Jan , 2018  

  • You should be able to use a PC and have a 3 button mouse

This course is designed for the beginners who newly gathers around 3D creation which presents how to create fluid animated scenes. At present we use the most prominent and leading free & open source 3D computer graphic software which is called Blender.
you may know that in advertising and in most 3D creations there are fluid simulation scenes. In this course also there is guidance for you how to use fluid correctly in creating 3D scenes.
can follow this course easily as it is specially designed for the beginners of 3D creation including lectures which is very enjoyable.
How this course is beneficial for you?

  • Beginners are aware about basic rules of blender before create this scene. It makes easy to follow this course.
  • Using keyboard and the mouse is mentioned where necessary within this course to make the task very clear.
  • Within 1.5 hours the skills of modeling 3D objects, adding materials, animations, lighting, fluid simulation techniques and rendering are developed

Things that will happen within you at the end of this course

  • you will be able to create scene successfully at the end of this course. And you will be able to gain and develop knowledge about creating your own 3D scenes accurately.
  • you will be motivated and confidence enough to create your own 3D scenes by the techniques you gained by following this course.

How do you decide that this course is suitable for you?
If you are a beginner for Blender or 3D creations and you wish to create 3D animated scenes and use them in different real life situations define ally you are a perfect person to follow this course. within very short period you will be able to learn more and if you wish to create your own courses and share the knowledge among others the method of teaching included in this course will be beneficial for you. According to this course I wish to make you aware about everything that you should know step by step by fulfilling your desire.

Creating a Scene with Blender

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