DevOps Essentials – English Version

30 May , 2018  

  • Basic Knowledge in IT.
  • Students who wish to take this course must have general knowledge but not specific issues of information technology.
  • Be familiar with aspects of product development, software development or the provision of IT services. It is not necessary to be a project manager or have many years of experience in IT.

This course will provide general and fundamental knowledge of what DevOps is and what is not DevOps.

It is not a course of use of software tools.

It is not a continuous delivery implementation course.

This course will give you the possibility to understand the importance of DevOps, a bit of mapping with Scrum and other techniques.

This is a course that will help you understand DevOps as a culture, its history, its use.

This course has a chapter on how with LEGOS you can simulate a development environment and operations with problems until the arrival of the DevOps culture where everything changes.

Who is the target audience?
  • This training does well for all those interested in DevOps in general.
  • IT staff involved in teams that apply Scrum or agile techniques.
  • Everyone who wants to learn about DevOps in basic form without going into software use
  • Project Directors with PMP certification who wish to learn from DevOps.

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