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Easily create Gantt chart and amazing Timelines using Excel

22 Jan , 2018  

Learn to create Gantt charts and timelines with simple techniques using Microsoft excel.

In any project success of the project depends on how you handle the information.You have to handle a lot of data and information.To be a successful project manager you need to prioritize and channelize organization’s efforts and resources in most efficient manner.

Mastering Presentation and communication by Presenting the data in Compelling format

Every single presentation slide acts as a powerful tool to communicate important information.Quality of presentation speeds up decision making process and improves overall efficiency.

Since dates and numbers are very hard to associate,You may find it hard to visualize the sequence of activities.In any project, every activity acquires a distinct place in project life cycle.But when dates are presented in tabular format it may be difficult to segregate the information in a first go.

Project time line gives a clear picture of things to come. As activities are segregated in chronological order, it’s very easy to prioritize and plan them. It helps you to channelize your efforts and resources to achieve intended project objectives.

Content and Overview

In six lectures this course uncovers techniques to prepare project timelines.Right from simple bar charts, subsequent lectures cover Milestones and task based timeline creation.


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