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English Language Intermediate Masterclass ⭐ 10 Courses in 1!

4 Nov , 2018  

  • You must be an Intermediate English Language Learner.
  • In some activities, you may need a pencil and paper.
  • To do the optional projects, you may need the internet, social media, or other tools.

English Language Intermediate Masterclass is more than an English Language Course.

This is a masterclass where you learn and really practice the English language at an Intermediate English level – your English speaking, your English grammar, your English vocabulary, your English listening, reading and writing. You can complete 10 Intermediate English Language Projects and you even learn 10 new study skills! … And so much more.

In this 10+ hour masterclass you get:

  • 20+ English Grammar Points – fully explained, with examples, and PRACTICE ACTIVITIES FOR YOU
  • 400+ English Vocabulary (words and expressions) – with Memory Games
  • 70+ Downloadable PDFs* (*being updated NOW!)
  • Speaking Activities, Listening Activities, Reading Activities, Writing Activities
  • 10 REAL-WORLD PROJECTS – You can send them to me and I will give you REAL feedback!
  • Motivational Videos – Stay inspired to keep learning!
  • 10 Videos on Bonus Study Tips
  • Movie Clips and Music
  • Intermediate English Lessons on Many Topics: History, Art, Technology, Business, AND MORE!
  • English Language Practice GAMES
  • Certificate of Completion

The English Language Intermediate Masterclass has 10 courses inside of it, and they come as one giant package so that you can learn and practice the language in the one part and then continue to use it again in the later parts, so your English level builds and builds.

In each part, you learn the English Language as a whole – English vocabulary, English grammar, English speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, study skills and more.

The 10 parts are:

  1. World Travel
  2. Sport & Fitness
  3. Media: Music, Movies, TV, News
  4. Business
  5. Hobbies
  6. Social Media
  7. Dealing with Personal Problems
  8. History
  9. Art
  10. Technology

Research shows that when you learn the English language within a topic of interest, like World Travel or Hobbies or Media, then you learn the English language much deeper – because you are learning something else with the language at the same time…

The English grammar in this course is carefully matched with just the right vocabulary so that you learn both grammar and vocabulary in the right way. And it’s the most important English grammar for Intermediate English learners.

The English grammar you learn?

  • Comparatives
  • Giving Reasons
  • Zero Conditional
  • ‘too’ (VS) ‘enough’
  • Question Tags
  • First Conditional (VS) Second Conditional
  • Polite & Formal Language
  • Interview Questions & Answers
  • Present Perfect Simple
  • Past Participles
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • Reported (Indirect) Speech
  • Modal Auxiliaries for Requests, Offers, Permissions, Invitations
  • Modals for Giving Advice
  • Adjectives Ending in ‘ed’ (VS) ‘ing’
  • Past Simple
  • Past Continuous
  • ‘so’ (VS) ‘such’
  • ‘could’ (VS) ‘could have’
  • Future Simple: ‘will’ (VS) ‘going to’

The English Language Intermediate Masterclass was developed using real life students. It has been worked on for months by testing the material in online classes and improving it continuously based on real feedback from real students.

The best part?

The course will continue to grow and improve. As more and more students take the course, more material is added and more help is given.

The English Language Intermediate Masterclass has been created to help Intermediate English learners all over the world just like you to finally stop struggling over the grammar you don’t understand, to push through the times when you feel like you aren’t improving, and to finally become a fluent and confident English language speaker.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course has been created completely for Intermediate English Language Learners.
  • English Learners who want to improve their English speaking.
  • English Learners who want to finally understand and use Intermediate English Grammar.
  • English Learners who need to pass an Intermediate English Test.
  • English Learners who want to prove that they have taken a course on Intermediate English Language. (You get a Certificate of Completion.)

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