Ethical Hacking + Bug Bounty in IT Security


Ethical Hacking + Bug Bounty in IT Security

17 Mar , 2019  


          Many of the companies spending millions of $ to find the bugs and vulnerabilities. in their web application.  These companies are is really in need of Ethical Hacker like you. they want to hire for a secure there web application. According to the Report of 2018,  24 Million $ has been paid for the hackers around the globe. And total 72k vulnerabilities where submitted.

What is important for taking this courses.?

I am especially concentration on you people, Empowering yourself is one of my core values. Hackers are naturally curious and My aim is to satisfy that curiosity by teaching you.

What all this you are going throughout the course?

In this course, every section has its own importance.

First and For most thing, you going to learn the top 10 owasp vulnerabilities of 2017 and upcoming.

A perfect lab setup for you. for your good practices.

Find the Different Types of vulnerabilities.

Login into the users accounts without authentication.

What happened if security is not set for user login.

Find the XSS and SQL vulnerabilities in a web application.

Browser Plugins used for Finding vulnerabilities.

manipulation of user data.

New vulnerabilities like XXE, Insecure Deserialization and more.

How did I found the vulnerabilities in web application and their reports?

Working behind the codes and Find the weak points.

For IT security you are going to learn, How to Find a loophole in Web Application.

Finally, I am really waiting for you to see what you are going to do by learning with courses.

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Note Please: This course is only for Educational purposes all the attacks and Finding the vulnerabilities are done in a lab setup. and the website which is shown in this course is related to bug bounty programs and the companies which gave me authority finding the vulnerabilities in web Application.

This course belongs to the sachackken and you will be certified by Udemy after completion of course…