Expert Retina HiDPI Graphics in Photoshop Illustrator - Expert Retina / HiDPI Graphics in Photoshop & Illustrator


Expert Retina / HiDPI Graphics in Photoshop & Illustrator

20 Jun , 2018  

  • If you are little familiar with Photoshop and illustrator then you will don’t have any problem to take this course. Well if you don’t familiar with those tool then it’s ok I’m teaching from beginner perspective to master.
  • Well, you will need Photoshop and illustrator installed in you pc or mac.

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Certificates : Course completion Certificates !

Quiz : Quiz to refresh your knowledge !

—– Welcome to this course —–

This course will guide you and teach you about Creating Retina Graphics for apple different devicesand HiDPI Graphics for different screen sizes of android devices.

So you can easily create retina and HiDPI Graphics for your multiple different platform and device with Photoshop and illustrator.

After completing this course !

You will be able to !

  • Create graphics for retina display @1x @2x @3x and so on.
  • Create graphics for android devices HiDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI and so on.
  • To save these graphics very easily then you ever can.
  • Tackle any design project which is Challenged to also work in retina devices.
  • Show your new skills about retina and high density pixel graphics to evryone with so much proud and more.

Materials Included in this course :

  • PSD
  • AI
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • JPG

At the end of this course you will face quiz to test your knowledge what you have learned in this course. Remember quiz is compulsory to complete .

After completing this course you will have complete understanding and confident to Create Retina and High density graphics very easily with Photoshop and illustrator.

So lets get started !

Who is the target audience?
  • Everybody who are little bit familiar with photoshop, illustrator and want’s to take their skills to the next level.
  • Everybody who wants to design retina ready Graphics .
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