German Language Course for Philosophers and Curious People

31 May , 2018  

  • You should be able to have a basic conversation in German and most importantly be eager to expand your vocabulary and enhance your fluency!

A fantastic course for people who want to learn German “outside the box”! I will ask you some interesting, challenging and sometimes philosophical questions and then it is up to you to think about it – in German!

Apart from getting a lot of practice expressing yourself in German you will also gain a lot of new vocabulary. After each questions part I will go over some of the words that were used in these questions to see which ones “stuck”. Picking up new words while using them in context is a much more dynamic way of learning than simply trying to remember random words!

Finally, there is a language flexibility part for each set of questions which allows you to see how the questions could have been asked in a different way without changing the meaning much. This will help you to get a better understanding of the flexibility of language and the options you have when you express yourself.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who already know some German but want to become more fluent in conversational, day-to-day language skills.
  • It is also a very good course for people who want to pick up new vocabulary in an entertaining and intuitive way.
  • People who find the idea of learning more about themselves while simultaneously improving their German skills interesting and exciting!
  • Any human being wanting to learn and improve their skills of this beautiful language in a natural way. Aliens are also welcome to join 🙂

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