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Google Analytics Certification – Get Certified in Just 1 Day

27 Mar , 2018  

  • No Google Analytics Experience Required
  • No prior work experience or prerequisites required to take the exam or this course

Google Analytics Certification Course will help you prepare and get Google Analytics Certification in just 1 day.

So what will you get in this Google Analytics Certification Course:

  • Everything You Need to prepare for the Google’s Official Exam
  • Detailed Exam Overview
  • 100 Practice Questions To Ensure Exam Success
  • How to showcase your certificate to the professional world.

Success Stories of this Google Analytics Certification Course:

★★★★★ “Wow I cleared the exam within 1 day. I can’t believe I did it. Thank you so much Nidhi for this practical course.” – Cheryl

★★★★★ “It’s because of you Nidhi that I am Google Analytics Certified. I badly wanted this certification as I was to appear for an interview and this certificate really helped me stand out of the crowd. ” – Olivia

★★★★★ “If someone wants to get Google Analytics Certified, I will surely recommend this course. Go ahead and register for it.”- Andrew

★★★★★ “It’s truly a one day challenge. I took it and got it. Guys what you are waiting for. Go ahead and take this challenge, I am sure like me you will also succeed.” – Ethan

Is this Google Analytics Certification worth It?

Well, I would like to mention that this certification will be a feather in your cap. If you are Google Analytics Certified, your resume carries much more weight-age and also you create a very strong impact to your existing employer, during interviews ,and also to your clients who might be reaching out to you for the business needs.

Google Analytics Certification, adds a professional weightage to your profile, and people look upon you as a valuable resource. Needless to say Google Analytics Certification can help you get higher pay packet.

About the Google Analytics Certification Exam

Google Analytics Certification Exam is an Industry recognized certification that proving your skills in Digital World. The exam is free to take and the duration of the exam is 90 mins containing only multiple choice questions. We will explaining you the finer details of it during the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • Essential for anyone who is interested to make a career in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketer, who would like to manage the resources of the clients effectively
  • Business Owners who would like to publish and manage their online Ads and the website performance themselves and optimize resources
  • People looking for promotion or increment as this will increase your chances multi-fold.
  • If preparing / appearing for an interview, this certification will help you stand out of the crowd

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