Hadoop for Non Java Developers


Hadoop for Non Java Developers

22 Nov , 2018  

  • This is a 20 hours of Java-Hadoop Course. We dont expect any prior knowlege from you. All you need is time and dedication.
  • By the end of the course,You will be able to write basic java code,Setup hadoop single node cluster and will be able to think in big data way.

The course is 19.5 hours of videos that will help you to learn the basics of Java and hadoop pretty well.

It is targeted to the people who have no prior knowledge on Java and hadoop.

It is recommended to maintain a notebook and make your notes while going through the session as it helps you better organize your learning.

We have just included only the installation documents and nothing else so that you keep your notebook and maintain everything.This may look little difficult but will give you a lot of confidence once you have a good notes on your own.

We will start with hadoop 1.x and then later move to hadoop 2 which I would be adding soon.

Java is a never ending ocean,so we have tried our best to give you some initiate chapters that can help you to learn some bit of it and then use them in your hadoop map-reduce program.

By the end of the course you will be able to learn 


  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Installation and First Application
  3. dissecting java program
  4. Identifiers in Java
  5. Data types in Java
  6. Type conversion


  1. Introduction to Big data and hadoop,
  2. SQL Hadoop Terminologies,
  3. Hadoop Architecture
  4. Installing Java in ubuntu using VMWare
  5. Hadoop versioning and Modes
  6. Hadoop Daemons
  7. How mapreduce works
  8. Inspiration to wordcount
  9. Installing hadoop 1.2.1 (Please dont install hadoop 2 now)
  10. HDFS basic commands
  11. Configuring hadoop in Eclipse
  12. Developing word count example in Hadoop
  13. Very important observation in wordcount


Who is the target audience?
  • Any one who has dedication to learn Java and hadoop from stratch level