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Hand Lettering to Digital Art

28 Mar , 2018  

  • An Artist Pen (or Brush Pen equivalent)
  • Basic Drawing Paper or Bristol Paper (no lines)
  • Printer or Smart Phone to Scan Artwork With
  • Computer or Laptop (Mac used in Course)
  • Photoshop CC

Hand Lettering is trending like crazy! Day by day more artists and graphic designers are adding this enormously valuable skill to their creative repertoires. And for good reason. Lettering gives you the ability to go beyond stock fonts, worn out type faces, and create something completely custom and original.

It also takes your creative sensibilities to a whole new level. Instead of just illustrating and decorating around the message made with (insert trendy font here), you can now make the message yourself – in a matter of minutes! Learning lettering allows you to go beyond basics and create the very expression or call-to-action itself.

This course is designed to give you an express entry into the world of lettering, by taking you through the drawing to digital process in full step-by-step. The course starts by giving a straightforward look at how to approach using an Artist Pen with a brush tip. Then after completing a few lettering examples, moves on to digitizing a custom phrase inside Photoshop CC, showing you all the steps to the lettering process.

Everything from drawing letterforms, scanning artwork, removing pencil marks, converting lines to bold black digital lines, coloring artwork, and texturing are covered in this course. In less than an hour’s time, you’ll go from brushing out a phrase to exporting a fully polished design you can export and upload to your favorite social media app or add it directly to your design portfolio.

For the Class Project, you’ll learn how to convert a trendy word phrase and digitize it fully inside Photoshop. Then you can take the principles you learn inside this class and apply it to all your other lettering projects going forward.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for Beginner to Intermediate designers looking for a fun dive into the wild world of Custom Hand Lettering.
  • Anyone Interested in Designing Attractive Graphic Designs
  • Great if you’re interested in T-shirt Design, Card/Stationary Design, Products for Art Licensing
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