HTML 5: How I made websites in HTML5

2 Jan , 2018  

  • Basics of HTML tags and elements

HTML 5 is the leading web development language nowadays. Those days are gone when HTML and CSS were enough to code a web page. Now the demand is high and though the competition. If you want to get a job in some IT company HTML 5 is one of the compulsory languages that every web development company expect from their employees. Or if you are a self-employed web developer then you are missing the world of innovation in HTML 5.
What am I offering in this course?
There is a complete training of HTML 5 from Basic level to Advance degree in this course. In the starting, at newbie level, you will come to know about the essential elements we use in HTML and now in HTML 5. Then you will come to know what are the new features in this new version of the language and what is their use and where to use them. Afterwards, you will come to know about developing your shapes by writing few lines of code. Then we will move to advance level in which you will learn to embed audios and videos in a professional way without any script and plugin. At the end of the course, there is an extra section which is optional where you can learn about sockets and server sent events in a detailed way if you want to get deep in back end programming.
Why should I buy this course? I could get this information on google also.
You could get all the details of anything on the google. But you can’t get all the required and important stuff at one place only. I mean you can get a lot of websites from where you can learn HTML 5 for free. But trust me they are like reading a book. They only say the function of an element, and they write code on how it works. You will never get a practical knowledge. If you buy my course, you can learn by watching me writing the codes and explaining the meaning of each and every line. Moreover, if you stuck at any part of the course, you have to post on various forums and then wait for members to get a solution. But here, you have many other options. You could read our discussion threads to get your solution. You can start your discussion thread, and I will be there to help you with the best option. You can even privately message or mail me with your difficulties, and I am online most of the time, so you don’t have to wait a lot to get the solution.
You can read the curriculum to know more about the topics covering in this course. Plus there is an option for all my students to get items on demand. You can write me, and I will publish it for you.
Hope to see you inside.

Who is the target audience?
  • No knowledge required to start.
  • Anybody willing to learn can join
  • Anybody looking to learn HTML 5

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