HTML Tutorial For Beginners

6 Jan , 2018  

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  • No programming/coding experience as we will start from absolute scratch
  • Any computer – Mac, PC.
  • Any Text Editor. We will download Brackets Text Editor but will be able follow along with any text editor.
  • Any Web Browser. Chrome,Firefox.(Chrome is requirement only if wants to use Brackets Live Preview).
  • All required software is free!!!!

If you want to start your career in Web Development,learning HTML is essential because it is foundational language of the web.
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. In short HTML is a markup language that is used developing web pages.
In this course we will cover HTML from scratch and by the end of the course we will be HTML ninjas and build our first website step by step.
Why you should take this course?
Reason Number ONE- You Will Get Familiar With HTML.
During the course we will cover HTML syntax, tags and best practices.
Reason Number TWO- You Will Understand the Web Better.
Knowing the HTML and how it is  used to create web pages is essential for web developer as 
HTML is responsible for web page structure.
Reason Number THREE – You Will be able to Create Websites.
Once you will know HTML you will be able to make your first websites.
Reason Number FOUR- You Will be Comfortable to Work with Brackets Text Editor.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to master HTML

HTML Tutorial For Beginners

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