Industrial Upholstery Machines

3 Jun , 2018  

  • Some basic upholstery knowledge
  • This course is an addition to my other course Modern upholstery fundamentals

During this course I will take you through a lot of industrial upholstery machines and tools. I will show you what they are and where they are used for. These are my own tools which I use on a daily basis in my upholstery shop.
Except the tools I have, there are offcourse many more. So if I will come across some tools or something that will be of interest for you, I will add an article or lecture to this course for you. Below a few of the items I will show you in the lectures.

Sewingmachines Juki, durkopp adler – how to thread, wind a bobbin, different feetOverlocker Juki, how to thread them

Skiving machine, how does it work

Hand tools:

Pneumathic tools

Bottonmachine, how does it work, different kind of buttons and dies

Different kind of little helpers

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to know more about upholstery tools an machines
  • If you are thinking of buying some upholstery tools or machines and do not know where to start

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