Introduction to Sociology


Why Erich Fromm?
For his scientific, non-theological study of religion (elaboration of the categories of humanistic and authoritarian religion); for his theory of social character.
For his “mechanisms of escape” or the psychological tools people use to ‘escape their freedom’ to choose (sociological theory).

Of his own work, Fromm would later explain, “I wanted to understand the laws that govern the life of the individual man, and the laws of society — that is, of men in their social existence. I tried to see the lasting truth in Freud’s concepts as against those assumptions which were in need of revision. I tried to do the same with Marx’s theory, and finally, I tried to arrive at a synthesis which followed from the understanding and the criticism of both thinkers.”

Who this course is for:
  • This course will be useful if you are interested in the psychological and sociological approach to question about Human Existence. It will provide you with a deep understanding of this central thinker in the developement of social thought and political philosophy.


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