• The ideal student for this course is a complete newbie to Ionic 3 and the development of applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Or it can also be a beginner who already knows some basics but wants to refresh his memory on how the Ionic 3 development environment works.

This course aims to provide all the necessary basics to understand how the development path of an application with Ionic 3 works, from birth to code testing and release in App stores for sale. It is not a course for Ionic super-experts but a course designed and built for beginners who want to approach the development of Web applications but are intimidated by 10 hour courses and 400 page manuals. In just over 30 minutes the necessary overview of the process of creating, testing and releasing an application with Ionic 3 is provided (but the course is also applicable to Ionic 2). This course is not intended to replace the long training sessions needed to become an expert but to bring newbies closer to the world of Ionic 3. 

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for everyone. I thought it was simple, agile and fast to allow all interested users to approach this topic without fear of having to face long training sessions.


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