• Beginner Understanding of JavaScript

Hi, it’s me, Rob – Front End Engineer and online instructor with over 15,000 students.

If you are a beginner JavaScript students wanting to prepare yourself for your first JavaScript coding interview then this course is for you!

An algorithm is like a recipe. It takes “inputs” (the ingredients), and performs a set of simple and (hopefully) well-defined steps, and then finishes after producing an “output” (the meal).

Each lesson will present you with:  

  1. An algorithm for you to solve. This is like challenging you as a chef to produce a specific meal. 
  2. I will share with you the JavaScript tools that may be helpful to solve this challenge. This is like knowing the ingredients, tools and techniques of cooking. 
  3. I will then teach you to write out pseudocode, how you would solve this problem in your own words. This is where we will write out the recipe together.
  4. Finally, I’ll present you with multiple ways to solve each challenge. Just like there are variations in how to make a meal, so there are a number of ways to solve an algorithm.

Check out any of the sample videos for this course to get a feel 🙂 

Many algorithm courses will present you with a challenge then have you passively watch them solve the challenge.  This course will guide you as a beginning in breaking down a problem and learning to solve on your own.

This isn’t the only algorithms course you should ever take. But it should be your first!

Let’s get cooking with JavaScript!

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who want to learn JavaScript Algorithms at a Basic Introductory Level
  • Those who want to be more comfortable with whiteboard interview questions
  • Bootcamp Students Preparing for Coding Interviews
  • Anyone preparing for an interview that will involve coding challenges

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