Learn HTML and HTML5 to build responsive websites

6 Jul , 2018  

  • Notepad
  • An Operating system
  • Browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome or Safari or Opera

This course is  most comprehensive yet the cheapest to learn HTML/HTML5 .

In this course students get to learn both theory and programmingof HTML/HTML5 .

This coursework has been designed in such a way that it is helpful for aspirants of all levels .

Course has been nicely arranged as follows :

Introduction to HTML  

Element types in HTML 

Global Attributes

Formatting Texts

Character Entities

Website Linking

Need of List and Image Tag

Formatting with Tables , Spanning , Rows , and Columns

HTML Forms and Text Boxes

Form Buttons

Password and Check Boxes

Button , Text Area , Hide Buttons and File Uploads

HTML5’s Rules, Features and new media support

HTML5 new Input Types and Web Storages (Local and Session Storage)

With such a descriptive coursework , students will be able to learn every piece of HTML .


HTML/HTML5 is the doorway to the world to develop/implement responsive websites .

Once, you are accustomed with HTML/HTML5, you will be able to move ahead and implement the same in the real world scenario .

HTML/HTML5 leads you to CSS and JavaScript .

Target Audience :

Students/Employees with no prior knowledge of HTML/HTML5

Students/Employees who wish to refresh their understanding on HTML/HTML5

Students/Employees who are at the intermediate level and wish to understand more wrt to implementation of the theory

Students/Employees who are at advanced level and wish to learn the Web storage programming and New Input Types 

We look forward to see you in this comprehensive courseworkwhere you not only learn but you get to develop / implement responsive websites .

Who is the target audience?
  • Young employee who is looking to boost his or her resume and build knowledge
  • Students from Universities or colleges who are looking for jobs
  • People who wish to start career in web designing

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