Learn Quran Reading with Tajweed Juz 01

6 Jul , 2018  

  • You should be able to recognize the letters and know basic Arabic reading.

Self Education in Quran Reading with Tajweed: 

Method: learn quran word by word. Quran learning made easy with the help of Video lessons. Live Online Quran Classes on Skype for For kids, New Muslims, adults, beginners and advanced students.

Word for word Quran teacher/reciter, Reading and tajweed helper tool. Learning Quran made easy with Quran teaching Videos lessons. 

Learn Quran with Tajweed series – Quran Lessons for beginners to learn with proper Tajwid.

With the video Lessons you learn: 

* Quran Reading
* Applied Tajweed Rules
* Rules of Waqf
* Correct pronunciation

Courses we offer Online:

# Quran Reading
# Tajweed Rules
# Applied Tajweed
# Quran Translation
# Tafsir e Quran
# Basic Islamic teachings
# Memorization of Holy Quran

Our Quran Learning videos are best for teaching Quran with Tajweed to your children. Also the Quran teachers can use them to help their students learn Qaida and Quran. If you have any question about our Quran learning Project, then please feel free to contact us. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn juz 01 of the holy Quran with proper Tajweed should take this course

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