Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (OSX) for Beginners & PC Users 2018

12 Jan , 2018  

  • You will need a Mac to practice these new shortcuts, tips and techniques

Whether you are a:

  • BEGINNER Mac User, 
  • LIFELONG Mac User, or 
  • PC USER who recently converted to a Mac

I guarantee you will learn some great new skills that will make you LOVE your Mac even more!
Your Mac is a powerful tool, but you are not getting the most out of it if you aren’t comfortable navigating, snapping screenshots and presenting. It doesn’t matter if you only browse the web, write or design assets – learning these skills will make you better at WHATEVER you do.
I recently showed my brother-in-law how to navigate his new Mac that he received for his new job (he was a lifelong PC user). He delivered a presentation the following week and the Executive team was so impressed at how eloquently he navigated among apps, PowerPoint presentations, and supplementary web materials, that they instructed him to teach the entire organization. He shared his praise with me…So this class was born!

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who owns a Mac (Beginners or Pros – I guarantee you will learn at least one new life-changing skill)
  • Anyone who has changed from a PC user to a Mac user.

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