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Master the Fundamentals of Geometry|Math Basics

11 Apr , 2018  

  • Basic Math knowledge of up to Grade 5 is required.
  • Some basic knowledge of Geometry is required.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

How to Master the subject of Geometry?

Take this course on ‘Master the Fundamentals of Geometry’ which has a combination of Video lecturesQuiz videos and Downloadable resources which will clear all your concepts. Each of these lectures are designed with great care by Subject Experts keeping in mind the need of every student.

The lectures are arranged in a systematic manner to give a logical flow and will be easy for the learners to relate and understand the concepts.

The major topics addressed are:

1) Euclid’s Geometry

2) Lines and Angles

3) Quadrilaterals

4) Triangles

5) Circles and Areas related to Circles

6) Constructions

7) Mensuration

8) Coordinate Geometry

Who can take this course?

  • Students who have Geometry as part of their curriculum
  • Any individual who loves the subject and wants to be thorough with the basics of Geometry
  • Parents or teachers who are looking for an additional help with Geometry.

Benefits of taking this Course:

Explanatory videos ensures complete concept understanding.

Problem solving videos and Downloadable resources helps in applying your knowledge to solve various word and numerical problems.

Quiz video helps in testing your knowledge.

In short it is an interesting course fulfilling all the student’s needs.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any beginner who wants to clear his/her basics can take this course.
  • Anyone who has Geometry as a subject in their curriculum and wishes to master the subject.
  • Parents or teachers who is looking for additional help with Geometry.
  • Professionals



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