Master yourself in Trigonometry applications

14 Jan , 2018  

Although Historically Trigonometry was initially used in astronomy for calculating the positions of planets and stars, but it is now used in real world scenarios like constructing house, automotive designs, roads, various infrastructure developments.
However, many of us not aware of this fact that in our daily life, we can apply trigonometry applications to quickly measure big distances, height, width, depth etc which are not easily possible using standard measuring devices.
Further to this, I also experienced that theory is easy to learn but when it comes to word problems, students struggle a lot.
Keeping this in mind, I have designed this course based on simple yet proven powerful techniques of Trigonometry applications. This is a great opportunity for you to master applications of Trigonometry and excel in academics as well to solve real world problems. This course includes video presentations talking about 20 unique examples that address all aspect of the subject on board with step by step approach.
Course is organised in three parts:

  1. Basic Trigonometry concepts 
    • supported by walk you through 8 examples.
  2. Intermediate level challenges
    • supported by walk you through 6 examples
  3. Advance level
    • Focuse on complex challenges
    • and resolutions techniques with 6 examples.

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and confidence to go out and highly motivated. If you are high school student and first ever learning Trigonometry, this course will overcome your fear and hesitation about being new challenges by releasing habitual negative thoughts. After going through all problem solutions narrated in course, you feel confident every time appearing for your grade exams.

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