Maths GCSE (9-1): Revise and learn – Basic Trigonometry


Mathematics GCSE – Revise & Learn: ‘Trigonometry’

All Topics Covered with Practice Exam Questions *Up To Date For 2019*

This 9-lesson course includes all the material you need for the ‘Trigonometry’ section of the brand new Maths (9-1) GCSE qualification. Each lecture includes step-by-step examples for every topic, along with worked solutions for practice exam questions.

Throughout the course, I will talk you through the basics of every concept and section, before moving on to practice exam questions. This makes this course suitable for all abilities, whether you are learning GCSE Maths from scratch, or in need of revision leading up to exams.

Course Structure

The course follows the standard Maths GCSE structure (as used by Edexcel, AQA and OCR), meaning it is easy to follow and perfect to use alongside any other learning or revision you may be doing. The course is split up in to the following sections:

· Triangle types

· Angles of Triangles

· Interior Angles

· Exterior Angles

· Pythagoras’ Theorem

· Trigonometric Functions

· Inverse Trigonometric Functions

If you follow this course, you will gain a solid understanding of all of the above topics, whilst greatly improving your ability to answer questions on exam day.

Who this course is for:

  • Students revising for their exams
  • Students looking to learn Maths GCSE from scratch (including adults)
  • Anybody looking for guidance and support in reaching their target grade
Who this course is for:
  • Students currently partaking in the 2-year GCSE (9-1) mathematics course.


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