Microsoft SQL Fundamentals: Real world demos

20 Apr , 2018  

  • Basic understanding of Excel will help understand the concepts quicker but non technical people can catch-up pretty quick as well

Hi and welcome to this Microsoft SQL Server Tutorial. I designed this course for students who are new to SQL and Databases or are at a beginner level. I will take you through SQL Fundamentals and you will learn:

  • Getting environment setup
  • Introduction to databases

               – What is a database and what is it made of ?

  • SQL Datatypes

               – What are some of the familiar datatypes available to SQL Server

  • Creating database Objects

                How to create:

                – Databases

                – Tables

                – Temporary Tables

  • Data inserts

                – Insert statement

  • Importing data into SQL server

                – How to import data from flat file sources into SQL Database

  • Retrieving data

                – Select statement

  • Filtering data retrieval

                –  Restrict output using “where” clause

                – comparison operators with “where” clause

                – Selecting Top n records

                – Selecting Distinct records

  • Data manipulation

                – how to update data in tables

                – How to delete data in tables

                – Truncating data vs deleting

  • Basic Aggregate functions

                – Min and Max

                – Count

                – Sum

                – Avg

  • Sorting output

                – Order by clause

  • Subqueries
  • SQL Joins

               – Left outer join

               – Right outer join

               – Full outer join

For additional SQL resource, please visit my youtube channel innouniversity

I am so excited to teach this class and hopeful you will be able to start working on a SQL production environment when you are done with the class. See you in class !

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone willing to understand database concept and learn SQL.

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