Networking Genius:World-class Business Networking Strategies


Networking Genius:World-class Business Networking Strategies

3 Mar , 2019  


In order to bring on World-Class guests on my YouTube channel I dedicated myself to trying and testing business networking ideas and strategies. I kept what worked in real life and improved in what didn’t. I documented these networking experiences and consolidated the most successful systems, strategies and tactics that allowed me to connect and build relationships with super-achievers of the world into this course.

This course is based on my concrete experience where in 5 months I went from just being a Maths lecturer to building a world-class network and being interviewed on multiple podcasts, delivering talks and building relationships with some of the most influential people in the world. If you are looking for proof check out my YouTube channel (HUSTLE IS 4 LIFE MOTIVATION) and my LinkedIn profile. (Links available in my bio)

I desperately want to help others by sharing my experiences and insights because I know just how invaluable this information is. I hate seeing people settle for less than what they truly deserve in life and business, but most of the time they are stuck because don’t know who they need to ask for advice. By building and upgrading your network you take charge of your destiny. I will share all I know and all that I have discovered about high-level business networking with you in this course.

Now its your turn to use these strategies to accelerate your life and your business.

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“Great course on networking! I thought I would get information only but actually, Tallal coaches the students throughout their journey of learning and improving their networking skills! Great content from a person who clearly knows what he’s talking about! Now the only question remaining is: Who do I want to connect to? Thanks Tallal!”

5 star review by Jorim Holtey-Weber

“A fast eye-opener, with some basic and fundamental life skills included; two courses in one really. The potential of this course’s empowering aspect, becomes clear quite fast.”
5 star review by Hördur Valsson

Who this course is for:
  • This course will help aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, podcast and show hosts, networkers, sales people, students and graduates to find, connect and build relationships with industry leaders and influencers.