Power Influence – little known secrets of persuasion


Power Influence – little known secrets of persuasion

28 Feb , 2019  


What is power influence?

Well, it is a scenario wherein when people come in contact with you they magically get persuaded for no apparent reason. You don’t even try to persuade them but still their choices and actions are influenced by you.

Sounds like a superpower I wanna possesss!!

Damn right, who doesn’t?

Do you know what I call this power?

Subliminal Badass-ery.

Just imagine the things you could achieve and the kind of clever steps you can take in business and relationships.

You want an upper hand? Done.
You want freedom? Done.
You want respect? Done.
You want more money? Done.
You want sex? Done.

Whatever you want, consider it done if you know how to exploit the cognitive biases.

Oh man this is so good.

It all happens when you begin learning the cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking that affects the decisions and judgments that people make. Some of these biases are related to memory. The way you remember an event may be biased for a number of reasons and that in turn can lead to biased thinking and decision-making.

When you understand these biases, you see what everybody cannot see. You have access to the subconscious minds of people. That means you think 10 steps ahead of them. You know their game before they execute.

I might be exaggerating if I say that “Cognitive bias is the oxygen of persuasion and only with persuasion you can get what you want in life” But this is THE TRUTH.

1000s of people who have learned to master and take advantage of cognitive biases are living the unimaginable life.

Yes I know that’s crazy because learning cognitive biases is no less than having all the 6 infinity stones in your hand.

It doesn’t matter what you gain from this course. What matters is what you don’t loose. All the cars, money, freedom, pleasure and everything you are compromising on can be all yours now!

Pain of losing such things and living a mediocre life is so depressing because I’ve been through it and 1000 others.

But we took action, we learned, we practiced and we succeed.

Who this course is for:

Salesman wanting to increase convincing and persuasion

Entrepreneurs wanting to become more influential

Team leaders wanting to regulate members behaviours

Psychologists wanting to apply their knowledge in field

Businessmen wanting to crack bigger deals

Men wanting to be more dominant

People wanting to improve their social life

People wanting to increase their social value and literacy

People wanting to increase communication skills

Warning! Don’t use them for evil purposes as they are bound to work.

Who this course is for:
  • Salesmen
  • Counselors
  • Entrepreneur
  • Individuals
  • Internet marketers