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Probability for beginners | Mathematics & Statistics

19 Mar , 2018  

  • No prior subject knowledge required
  • A keen interest to learn the topic is needed

Statistics is a science which involves collection and analysis of numerical data and Probability is a numerical measure of likelihood of an event.This is a complete course as it involves a series of explanatory videos, problem solving videos and you can even test your knowledge with the assessment tools.

The course can be taken by school students or any learner who has Probability as a part of their curriculum. It will also help teachers who are willing to give the best quality education to students.

At the end of the course student will not only understand the concept in depth but also will be able improve their data analysis techniques and predictions skills and hence score good marks in their exams.

So join us on this course and make learning fun and easy.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wants to learn Statistics and Probability in detail
  • Students of 9th and 10th standard
  • And Teachers who wish to provide quality education to their student

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