PSD to HTML from Scratch Complete Course - PSD to HTML from Scratch – Complete Course


PSD to HTML from Scratch – Complete Course

29 May , 2018  

  • Photoshop
  • Atom Source Code Editor (Freeware)
  • Node – Git Bash
  • little bit know about Photoshop (Optional)
  • Basic Knowledge about HTML CSS (Option)

Learn from my best video training tutorial of PSD to HTML from Scratch – Complete Course. It is start from very beginning to advanced level. First, I created a Work Flow. After that I design my PSD web template in Photoshop. Then I converted it into HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 4. 

PSD to HTML Course Outline 

Section One – Make a Work Flow

  • Download 12 Columns Grid System
  • Create Header Section add Logo & Navigation bar
  • Main Section –  Tow Columns
  • Feature – Three Columns
  • About Single 
  • Footer Widget Two Col
  • Footer bar

Section Two – Create Books PSD Web Template

  • Header – Create logo Add Background color Add Menu-bar
  • Main – Add Title Description Button & Thumbnail
  • Feature – Add 3 Columns Thumbnail Description plus Button. 
  • Widget – Important Links & Contact Us Form 
  • Footer – Add copyright final text

Section There – Convert into HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 4

  • Get PSD template information like images, text size, colors etc.
  • Software Installation – Nodejs – Atom – Git bash
  • Manage contents 
  • Add Source code to index file
  • Create Header section add navigation brand code
  • Add row & columns code for main section
  • Create Feature section with images & buttons
  • Add About us with description in the html with style
  • Create links and contact us form in the widget
  • finalize it with footer section

An Overview for PSD Web Template & Bootstrap 4 

As you know that, there is a great demand for these technologies. After this course I am dam sure. You will definable able to create a template as well as convert it into bootstrap 4. 

Conclusion & Over view I hope you will enjoy very much. No doubt, you will learn many things from my course. I did my best to define everything clearly. My focus to improve the skills. As a result, you need to conduct all my lectures carefully. Good Luck

Who is the target audience?
  • Those students who want to learn PSD to HTML conversion Technic
  • Best for those who want to become an expert in web designing
  • This course specially created for those who interested in creating PSD web template
  • Who really want to learn PSD to HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap4

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