Python language learn easily coding with practice sessions.

  • Just apetite for coding.

Python is most popular programming language. Python is easy to learn and write coding in shortest possible time.

Our course is presented in with explanations and practice simultaneously for quick learning.

1.1 Python – introduction 00:09:55

1.2 Install Python on Windows 00:04:48

1.4 Understanding Python language 00:10:19

1.5 Python coding style PEP8 00:08:31

2.1 Data types – Strings and numbers 00:10:21

2.3 Control flow statements 00:08:50

3.1 Functions 00:11:27

TOTAL < 7 Lectures > 01:04:11

Who this course is for:
  • Python learners, developers, who is working on machine learning, big data and data science.



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