Raw Image Processing Masterclass-Create Stunning Images Easy


Raw Image Processing Masterclass-Create Stunning Images Easy

3 Mar , 2019  

  • Have Adobe Camera Raw Installed which is Part of Adobe Photoshop

Welcome to the Course 
Raw Image Processing Masterclass-Create Stunning Images
Learn Camera Raw for Professional Image Retouching in Adobe Photoshop ACR for Beginners
Master Adobe Camera Raw for Profession Raw Image Retouching!
Become Beginner to Advanced! Learn Complete Professional Raw Image Retouching & Processing Workflow
Do you know that 95% of the Top Professional Photographers always shoot the images in Raw Format?
Raw format is a simple Image format which is like a Digital Negative for Modern World Cameras.
Raw Images give you full control over the final result while Post-Processing or Editing them. 
Raw Image retouching require a special knowledge of the Raw Image Processing Softwares. 
There are many Raw Image Processing softwares but the Industry standards are Adobe LightRoom and Adobe camera Raw. 
In this course You will learn each and every option in Adobe Camera Raw.

  • All the Tools in Adobe  Camera Raw
  • All the Editing Panels like
  • Basic Editing Panel
  • Tone Curves Panel
  • HSL/Grayscale Panel
  • Details Panel-Noise Removal Options
  • Split-Toning Panel
  • Len-Correction Panel
  • Camera Calibration Panel
  • Snapshot Panel
  • Presets Panel

Finally You will learn the Complete step by step Process of Raw Image Retouching and Processing Workflow in Adobe camera Raw with the Raw Image.
 After Completion of this Course you will be an Expert in Raw Images Retouching!
So, if this sounds interesting then go ahead and take a dive into this Course and I will see you inside the course.