REACT Up and Running with React ES6 and Open Source API - REACT - Up and Running with React ES6 and Open Source API


REACT – Up and Running with React ES6 and Open Source API

16 May , 2018  

  • Basic understanding of JavaScript Programming Language

Get up and running while understanding core React fundamentals, along with new and exciting features of ES6 and solid API concepts in a very short time.

React eco-system is huge. Understanding react is a single most important skill you will need in the current job market. This  course prepares you for that. 

By the end of this course, you will be confident to use react for your next project. you will also build the next level… lightning fast …news app using react that takes advantage of all the best tools react has to offer.

This course is divided in 3 major section. 

The first section gives you a solid understanding of React.

Topics included:

  • Zero configuration setup and google chrome extension for react
  • React components and JSX
  • Unidirectional data flow in react
  • Synthetic events and binding methods in react
  • Controlled components, composable components and reusable components
  • Functional stateless components
  • Managing states and props in react
  • Higher order functions
  • ES6 let, const, object keys and this keyword, destructuring, arrow functions, class constructors 
  • Code refactoring using ES6
  • React bootstrap styling

The second section prepares you to use real data from the API in your app.

Topics included:

  • Lifecycle methods in react
  • Fetch real data from API
  • Server side search
  • Client side caching
  • Proptypes, refs, Import and export in react
  • ES6 template strings, spread operator, object assign, conditional rendering

The third section focuses on code organization, refactoring and advance concepts

Topics included:

  • Higher order components
  • Lodash utility library
  • Advance sorting
  • Active links
  • Lifting state
  • React router
  • Deploy to github pages

React is one of those technology that redefines the present as we know. 

React is changing the way we develop apps. Be a part of it. Come , join me in this unique course and take your skills to a whole new level.

Thank you.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn and understand Core React Fundamentals along with ES6 and API.

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