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Dear Student,

Review English Grammar Rules Course is a 3 hour English Grammar Refresher taught by me, Harry, a native English speaker. It helps Intermediate English Learners master English Grammar Tenses so you can speak English fluently and with confidence.

In English Grammar Rules Course we will concentrate on the English Grammar Tenses, order of adjectives in English, English prepostions of time and place and articles A AN and THE. Every section has an easy to follow structure, detailed explanations and plenty of examples.

Over the 13 lectures you will review:

  • how to talk about the present events in English
  • the difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous
  • how to use Present Continuous for future arrangements
  • to identify and use Future Tenses
  • the use of the Present Perfect Tense
  • how to use articles in English correctly
  • the use of USED TO
  • the types of questions in English
  • how to ask tail questions correctly
  • the order of English adjectives
  • English adjectives with -ed and -ing
  • linking words in English – both, neither, either
  • English quantifiers and indefinite pronouns


What else will you get?


– 30 days money back guarantee

– Personal contact with me, your English Teacher

– Lifetime access to course materials

– 11 Quizzes, 1 Practice Test and exercise work sheets

– Downloadable English Grammar Rules PDFs

– Downloadable MP3s

– Future Updates


Why take this course?


  • Take this course if you want to listen to a neutral English accent
  • Take this course if you want to review fundamental English Grammar Rules before English proficiency tests (IELTS, PET, FCE, etc)
  • Take this course if you want to clarify some of the fundamental aspects of the English Grammar (for example, the use of the Present Perfect Tense)
  • Take this course if you are tired of watching thousands of free English learning videos on YouTube and want everything in one place

***Please message me if you have any questions about Review English Grammar Rules Course.***

Who this course is for:
  • You are tired of watching thousands of free English learning videos on YouTube
  • You are an upper beginner or an intermediate English learner
  • You have difficulties with understanding English Grammar tenses
  • You haven’t yet found an answer to “How to speak English easily” question


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