Set up Your Office In the Cloud

13 Jan , 2018  

This video course is for those you would like to learn how to buy a domain name and do basic setup of G Suite for their team.
It is a beginner level video course that teaches step by step a domain name purchase process, setup and G Suite configuration(People, Calendars, G Drive, Meetings) which is also basic and is just enough for your team to start using G Suite with email addresses that use your business domain name.
Although, this video course is for beginners and covers basics only, if we break it in a little more details, there a lot of things you will learn how to do.
This video course will help you:

  • Buy a new domain name with Bluehost
  • Activate WordPress for your domain name and turn on and off the Coming Soon page,
  • Register a new G Suite account for your domain name
  • Verify domain name ownership with G Suite
  • Setup email address that uses your business domain name rather than @gmail by configuring MX records
  • Add people to your G Suite account
  • Create email address aliases
  • Create, Suspend and Delete users,
  • Reset user password,
  • Enable GDrive for your account,
  • Create and share calendars, as well as add to your list of calendars a calendar of your team member or a public calendar with the events of your interest,
  • Setup a virtual meeting and invite people to join this meeting. Share your computer screen with people who have joined your meeting,
  • Personalize your G Suite with a logo of your company, so that team members see your company logo when working with G Suite apps, rather than a logo of Google,

I hope this video course will help you with your domain name a G Suite setup. And donโ€™t worry of some of the features sound to technical or complex.


If you need help with this, I am always here to assist you!

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