Start a Freelancing Career or an Agency on Upwork in 2018

30 Apr , 2018  

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I have been running a successful Agency on Upwork (earlier odesk) for more than 9 years. Our Agency has done close to 15,500 hours of work and has completed more than 500 projects on Upwork.

I have also mentored working professionals to start their freelancing journey on Upwork by teaching them a Method.

Upwork is usually associated with Freelancing. No doubt, it is one of the best platforms to find freelancing jobs but it is also a platform which is a lot more than just a platform for freelancers to help find suitable jobs/gigs.

Upwork is a platform which has helped freelancers turn into Entrepreneurs by growing their businesses using the platform to get more people to work under them as a Team.

Upwork has a place for everyone. From Freelancers looking for part time opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to run a complete agency.,

But they all need a process – a method to be successful on Upwork.

And that is the aim of this short and precise Course. I am going to teach you a “Method” which should help you turn into a successful freelancer on Upwork and start your entrepreneurial journey using Upwork as a platform.

The method which has helped me, my team and the freelancers I have mentored succeed on Upwork for years.

In the Course, I have shared all my learning of 9 years in a precise and to the point 1-hour (approx.) course where I take you through the method of creating a perfect profile, engaging proposal and finding the right jobs to bid on Upwork.

I have taken examples of my Web Development Agency and a Freelancer’s profile (content writer) to explain how their profiles are setup and how both work to grow their profile on Upwork.

The course ends with a short video called as “Tips” where you quickly learn simple tips to help avoid the mistakes others do on Upwork.

By the end of course, you should have mastered the skills to start your journey on Upwork.

Best of Luck!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone looking to start a freelancing journey – working from home and earn better than you earned in your last job.
  • Anyone looking to Start A Full-Fledged Agency with multiple employees on Upwork. I teach you the difference in between working as a Freelancer and as an Agency.
  • A Student who wants to have a parallel source of income to support your expense.
  • A budding Entrepreneur who wants to start as a freelancer and then eventually start a full-fledged company. (note : I started as a freelancer and with good feedback I could grow my business and today I run a full fledged Agency on Upwork)

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