Starting a Farm


Starting a Farm

6 Jan , 2019  


This course provides a quick and detailed analysis of strategies to start a farm and create an annual farm plan.

This course is for operating farms, new farms and people wanting to learn how to farm.

The first section is about field preparation. How to prepare land for planting. This includes sections on Greenhouse, Potting soil, Bed preparation, Compost tea and Hydroponics. The activity for the field section is to create a Field MAP and Field LOG.


The second section is about crops. How to select and plant crops. This includes videos about Spring and summer crops, Fall and winter crops, Market vegetable varieties, Trees and herbs. The activity for the crop section is to create a SEED LOG, a list of crops you plan to plant.


The third section is about the farm. How to prepare produce to be sold. This includes videos about Post-harvest area and wash and packing area, Storage and processing area map, sales and earnings. The activity for the farm section is to create a post-harvest area MAP and create a HARVEST LOG.

Each section includes downloadable JPGs of designs of cutting edge sustainable solutions. In addition to the strategies shared, this course includes tools to help create an annual farm plan. It includes information on: 






With these organizational tools, you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening on your farm. Four of these five tools may be completed without planting a seed! Whether its your backyard or a large operational farm, these tools may provide a clear way of thinking about your farm.

This course references the SUSTAINABLE LIVING MADE EASY course. It may be useful to check out that course as well.

Who this course is for:
  • People who want to work on a farm
  • People who work or manage operating farms
  • People who have land and want to start a farm